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Be-Dazzled Jewellery Guest Book!



 Marian C.

I am so happy that I discovered your Jewellery stand at St. B. totally by accident! I absolutely love it!! See you soon.

 Akela  Hodgson

The items you by for your collection get me excited every time.  You always have the best collection in Winnipeg of semi-precious stones set in silver. Your schedule page is very useful and I will definitely be making a trip to the hospital sometime soon!

 Phyllis  Murray

Beautiful Products!

 Janice C.

Just thought I would tell you that the blue topaz ring you sold me has Wowed my co-workers.  But seeing as though they know me so well, they know I am a huge jewellry fan.  I bought the ring from you on Friday.  My daughter bought a garnet ring with silver band.  She loves it.

I think you have the best jewellry I  have ever seen.   Would you mind e:mailing me with when you will next be at Grace Hospital, as this is the handiest location for me to see your jewellery.

Thank you again,  Love the Bling you have!

Janice C.


Hi there. I bought a rhodocrosite pendant from you at the Red River College and want to let you know I get comments about it all the time.  I love the way it looks and feels great as well!  I can't wait to see what new things you brought back from Tucson! Thanks again. T


my friend was just over the moon with her necklace. thankyou for all information and help on the beautiful stones u had. i will be back to HSC on the 12th feb see u then

 Tammy M.

Sandy, it has been a pleasure getting to know you and your “jewels”.  I look forward to seeing you in the Woodsworth Building again, and the new additions.  P.S.  I would love your job!


Sandy provides beautiful jewels at very reasonable prices.  She is a gem of a person as well, with a brilliant effervescent personality that makes shopping for these outstanding wearable art pieces so much fun!!

 Tracey L

Your jewelry is beautiful!!!!


Sandy, You have the best jewelery anywhere!  I just love your stuff.  Keep up the good work!


Always nice vending with you at the U of M.  Good luck with your future endeavors!

 Val R.

Dear Sandy!   The ring I bought Sept 2nd, when you were at Grace Hospital has brought me much good fortune and lots of compliments; I look forward to when you will be back in the Grace lobby.

 Cyd S.

Hi Sandy! Awesome website.. and, well... you already know how I feel about your jewelry!!

 Elaine H.

Now that I have discovered this product, guess where I will be doing my XMAS shopping!


Hey Sandy..can't wait till you visit HSC again. I need more rings!

 Cheryl  Woodman

I purchased some jewellery April 29 at the Grace Hospital-and I must say it is really the nicest quality merchandise I have seen in a long time. Not to mention the salesperson was just phenomenal. Thank you so much. 

 Sheilagh J.

I bought a piece of amber from you last week and I get so many compliments!  Thank you for being so patient with me I only took 45 minutes of your time!!!!

 Denise L.

Hi Sandy!  Just wanted to send my best wishes your way - you deserve it!

 Louise L.

Sandy I just wanted to thank you again for going out of your way for me.  My sister is just thrilled with the pendant I gave her and brags to her friends about what good taste I have......but only thanks to you!  You're the best!  Cheers, Louise.

 Judy G.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to make an entry in your guest book - I've visited your site so many times ('cause I just have to know when you're going to be coming our way!)  It's always a pleasure to see you Sandy - I'm just a customer but you make me feel like an old friend whenever I visit your table at HSC, and I always enjoy browsing through your gorgeous jewelery!  See you again soon!

 Michelinne G.

Hi Sandy!

My name is Michelinne G. I first met you at Tastes of Manitoba and then I returned to your wonderful kiosk in the Health Science Centre just a few weeks ago. Both times I was there with my mom. We were more than pleased with the service and product, and we are eager to come see you again. We are most interested in your Italian charm links. You mentionned during my last visit that you would be getting a shipment of ~6000 charms very soon. I was wondering when you'd be getting them?? I looked at your schedule and will be free to come by any time soon. I would love to be one of the first to pick through the large and excellent selection! It would be ideal, for me, if I could come see you before the 24th, because as of that date, my exchange partner from Spain will have arrived. I am wanting to complete her bracelet as a b-day present and welcome gift......& also add to mine :)

Thank you very much! I am very impressed with everything!!

Sincerely, Michelinne G.


Hi Sandy. Glad to see that you'll be at St.B soon. Have been enjoying the pieces that I've purchased from you and want more! See you soon. Cee

 Heather K.  

I look forward to when Be-Dazzled comes to HSC -- I love the jewellery and the prices are so reasonable.  I bought the Italian bracelets for my daughters with one charm link.  Now they can't wait till they can see you & buy more charm links.  Your jewellery is very unique.  I am glad you come to sell your jewellery at HSC. Keep coming!


It is a pleasure to sign your guest book.  I have purchased many of Sandy's Treasures, her jewellery is absolutely gorgeous and you will always find something eye catching to add to your accessories. Sandy makes shopping a joy as she provides excellent customer service, above and beyond the call & has client focus.  Thanks Sandy, for being so very Special.  Love the service, Love the Jewellery.


Carley,    Love and Light to you :)

 Michelle T.  

The jewellery looks beautiful.  What an eye catching website!!!

 Linda W.  

Great website and we'll keep in touch

 Fern C.  

Top-notch service!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to my friends.  Thanks so much!

 Arlene  Eastwood  

Very nice site Sandy!  Good luck, and see you soon!

 Heather T.  

It's always a pleasure doing business with you, and I'm glad to have your site so I can access your schedule!