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 Jewellery Cleaning Tips

  Here are a few suggestions for an at-home do-it-yourself cleaning that can really

  help brighten up your favorite jewellery items. This method will work on silver,

  yellow or white gold, and platinum jewelry, and also with most gemstones including

  amethyst, blue   topaz, sapphires, rubies, tanzanite ,diamonds and many others. Do

  not soak pearls, opals,   onyx, emeralds or other soft gemstones, which may be

  damaged by the cleaning solution.


  You need to give your jewellery a good bath in a diluted solution of water and a

  common   household non-caustic cleaning solution.


  In a small jar, mix about 1/3 parts household cleaner with 2/3 parts water. I

  recommend either Mr.Clean or Fantastic,  If any of these cleaners contain some

  ammonia it's OK, but not bleach, which can react badly with some metals.


  The trick to really cleaning the back of the stone and all the hard-to-get-at little

  nooks and crannies is to soak the item overnight. This gives the cleaning solution a

  chance to dissolve even the hidden built up "stuff". After your jewellery has

  soaked for several hours, place a wash cloth in the bathroom sink, close the sink

  drain and turn on the cold water. Hold the ring firmly (it will be slippery) over

  the wash cloth and rinse it in the running water. You can even use a wet  toothbrush

  to poke at the   open areas of your jewellery to help remove any remaining loose



  Note: Never use toothpaste to clean your jewelry. Toothpaste is abrasive

  and can actually dull the finish on the metal. Also, never do this in the kitchen sink.

  You wouldn't want your diamond engagement ring to end up in the garbage disposal!

  When in doubt, call your favorite jeweller and ask them what's safe to soak. If you

  follow these simple instructions on a monthly or even weekly basis throughout the

  year your jewelry will always look great and you'll enjoy wearing it all the more.





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